Eyepiece Micrometer M004

Eyepiece Micrometer M004
GBP49.5 ex VAT

Product Description

Eyepiece with micrometer WF10X/18mm. Can be used with the following microscopes:

Philip Harris M-100FL Monocular

Philip Harris M-100FLED Monocular

Optika B-50 Monocular

Optika B-151 Monocular Ecovision

Optika B-191 Monocular

Optika B-157 Binocular

Optika B-159 Binocular

Optika B-192 Binocular

Optika B-193 Trinocular

Optika B-150DMR Digital Monocular

Optika B-150DBR Digital Binocular

GBP49.5 ex VAT

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