Philip Harris 10" Tablet

Philip Harris 10" Tablet
GBP619.99 ex VAT

Product Description

A brilliant innovation in microscopy; a tablet PC that has a built-in camera allowing it to be used with our microscope instruments. Perfect for the educator who is an innovator in the classroom too. Includes: instruction manual, touch penand keyboard with touchpad.

The Tablet can be connect to the Trinocular Microscope.


Model Tablet 10”

Operating System Windows 8.1 32-bit, Microsoft Office 365 Personal (1 year subscription)

Language Multilanguages already installed

CPU Intel® Bay trail Z3735F, Quad core

CPU speed 1,83 GHz

Graphics Card Intel® HD Graphics, LPDDR3 controller

Memory Ram 2,048 GB, LPDDR3

LCD display LED 8.9” IPS Multi Touch Screen

LCD resolution 1920 x 1200 Full HD, Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD

Storage HDD 16+16GB

Network Wireless IEEE 802.11 a/g/n Bluetooth 4.0

Input/output ports Micro USB-B - Microphone Micro SD card reader - Micro HDMI Head-phone Separated power supply input

Control Buttons Auto rotate off, volume control

Battery Technology Lithium-ion battery, 2x cell

Battery capacity 6000 mAh

Max load 10 W

Battery Life Up to 10 hours, up to 5,5 hours in continuous Camera Live View mode.

Connection to the Load Power supply 5,35 V 2A with, EuroPlug connection for 100-240 VAC, USB port with USB cable

Dimensions Thickness 9,5 mm Height 15,7 cm Width 22,0 cm

Weight 477 g

Cables included USB camera cable, OTG cable

Also included Instruction manual, Touch Pen and keyboard with touchpad.


Digital camera resolution 3,14 MegaPixels

Analog camera resolution NO

Signal output USB 2.0

Audio Signal NO

Sensor Size 1\2”

Sensor technology CMOS

Image format 4\3

Full Image size 2048 x 1536

Pixel size 3,2 x 3,2 micron

Frame rate full resolution 6,5 frames/sec (2048x1536)

Frame rate other resolutions 28 frames/sec (1024x768) 55 frames/sec (640x480)

Sensitivity 1,0 V/Lux-second (550 nm)

Signal / noise ratio 43 dB

Dynamic range 61 dB

Contents include:

• Tablet

• Keyboard

• Camera

• Eye piece magnifier

• 3 leads

- (one to attach to plug block)

- (two connect camera to the eye piece magnifier)

• 3 pin UK Plug

• Stylus pen

• Micrometric slide

The Optika Software CD and cleaning cloth are not included anymore. The software is already loaded on the tablet. Manuals are available on-line.

GBP619.99 ex VAT

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