Electron Diffraction Tube

Electron Diffraction Tube
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Product Description

The tube uses an electron gun with an indirectly heated cathode to project a narrow converging beam of electrons through a thin layer of graphiticised carbon, supported on a fine mesh grid over the exit aperture of the gun. The cathode rays are diffracted in passing through the carbon layer and produce a ring pattern on the phosphor coated end of the tube. Study of the ring pattern and its variation with different anode voltages permits the study and verification of the de Broglie hypothesis, shows the dual nature of the electron, permits the calculation of the spacing of diffracting planes and suggests the probable arrangement of carbon atoms.

• Filament voltage: Nominal 6.3V a.c./ d.c, Maximum 9V a.c./ d.c.

• Anode voltage: 500 to 5000V d.c.

• Anode current: 0.2 to 0.4mA.

Supplied complete with instructions.

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