Digital Electronic Multimeter, Pocket sized

Digital Electronic Multimeter, Pocket sized
GBP53 ex VAT

Product Description

The UT60 is an autoranging multimeter with RS232 interface enabling readings to be displayed on a PC. Features include fused 10A range, frequency, capacitance, data hold, selectable auto/manual ranging, continuity buzzer, full icon display, and low battery display. The meter is supplied with shrouded safety test leads, RS232 interface cable and CD with operating software which runs under Windows and enables the meter readings to be displayed in digital or graphical format on a P.C.

• d.c volts: 400mV to 1000V in 5 ranges

• a.c.volts: 4V to 750V in 4 ranges

• d.c current: 400μA to 10A in 6 ranges

• a.c current: 400μA to 10A in 6 ranges

• Capacitance: 40nF to 100μF in 5 ranges

• Resistance: 400Ω to 40MΩ in 6 ranges

• Frequency: 10Hz-40MHz

• Diode test: 1mV resolution

• Accuracy: 0.8 to 4% depending on range selected

• Power requirements: 9V battery, type PP3 (included)

• Mass: 340g approx.

• Dimensions:

Height: 177mm

Weight: 85mm

Diameter: 40mm

GBP53 ex VAT

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