Joulemeter and Wattmeter

Joulemeter and Wattmeter
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Product Description

The unit is ideal for accurate measurement of either cumulative electrical energy delivered to a load from a power supply, or instantaneous power. A range of experiments are possible from simple investigations into specific heat capacity to measurement of energy stored in LCR Circuits.

When measuring energy delivered, an audible bleep (which can be switched off) indicates each increment of the least significant digit on the display, and the TTL Pulse (of duration 25 ms) is output via 4mm sockets for external counters. When measuring power, a voltage sensor across the 0-10V 4mm socket power output can be used for data-logging.


• Display: 4-digit, 20mm high LED display with decimal point automatically moved by the range switch.

• Input: 24V d.c. max or 17V rms a.c. max of any wave form d.c. to 10kHz.

• Ranges: from 0.1mJ to 100J per count in 6 decades from 0.001mW to 100W (least significant digit) in 6 ranges LEDs indicate readings in mW and KJ.

• Power: Mains unit with 1.8m of 3-core cable, illuminated ON/OFF Switch & 1A fuse.

• Mass: 2.1kg.

• 4-digit LED display of either energy delivered or power supplied

• 6 switch-selectable ranges, with internal shunts

• Output sockets suitable for connection to dataloggers & external counters

• Sizes: 240 x 160 x 160mm

• An instruction manual of experiments is included

• This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

GBP206 ex VAT

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