Air Track Accessories

Air Track Accessories
GBP83.99 ex VAT

Product Description

This accessory set includes almost everything required to be used with Air Track. This set consists of following parts including the magnets useful for precision collision & non-collision study; these give better results than hook and loop attachment and spring set.

Bolt & Wing Nuts x 10

Spring Attachments x 4

Springs x 4

Hook & Loop Attachment Pairs x 2 Pair

Pulley x 1

String x 2

Slotted Mass & Hanger: Weights 5 g - 4 pcs. & Hanger 5 g x 1

Photogate Flags x 8

Photogate Arms x 2

Launching Cradle x 1

Assorted Masses x 8

Risers x 8

Rubber Bands x 2

Hook for Spring x 1

GBP83.99 ex VAT

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