Air Track Accessories PK

Air Track Accessories PK
£83.99 ex VAT

Product Description

This accessory set includes almost everything required to be used with Air Track. This set consists of following parts including the magnets useful for precision collision & non-collision study; these give better results than hook and loop attachment and spring set.

Bolt & Wing Nuts x 10

Spring Attachments x 4

Springs x 4

Hook & Loop Attachment Pairs x 2 Pair

Pulley x 1

String x 2

Slotted Mass & Hanger: Weights 5 g - 4 pcs. & Hanger 5 g x 1

Photogate Flags x 8

Photogate Arms x 2

Launching Cradle x 1

Assorted Masses x 8

Risers x 8

Rubber Bands x 2

Hook for Spring x 1

£83.99 ex VAT

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