Student Oscilloscope

Student Oscilloscope
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Product Description

The Student Oscilloscope is an inexpensive, single channel oscilloscope with simplified control layout for student operation and permanent triggering feature

It is a great introductory unit to teach the basics of oscilloscope use with a useful set of features e.g. 8 switched gains from 50mV to 10mV per division and a timebase with switched ranges of 1, 10, 100 or 1000ms across screen with variable x 1 to x 10 control

This extremely popular educational oscilloscope is robust and easy-to-use. The flat screen is 70mm across a diagonal with graticule marked in 10 x 10 0.5cm squares.

Focus, Brilliance, X shift and Y shift controls determine the position and nature of the trace. A Y input can be passed to the Y amplifier directly or through an internal capacitor to block a d.c. component.

Note that with the slowest timebase setting, the spot takes 10s to cross the screen, ideal for slow analogue computing investigations. The start of the spot from the left-handed edge of the screen is synchronised automatically to the positive-going edge of the Y input. (Please note: This may mean that the track takes about 1s to settle down if the Y position is altered).

The time base may be switched off and the X input p.d. used to control the horizontal position of the spot, e.g. in Lissajou’s figures. Student audio signal generator not included.

The steel case is fitted with 1.8m of mains cable, a carrying handle which can be used as a tilt stand, an on/off switch with indicator LED, and cable wraps at the rear.

• This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

• Y amplifier: FET input, 1MΩ d.c. to 10kHz

• X amplifier: 1MΩ d.c. to 100 kHz

• Syn. Input: 1MΩ input, triggering at 20mV

• Mass: 3.8kg

• Size 245 x 310 x 105mm

GBP445 ex VAT

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