Bench Signal Generator

Bench Signal Generator
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Product Description

A robust, basic instrument for general laboratory use with all of the advantages of the Spacesaver case. Output signal is adjustable over the full audio range and beyond with a low level of distortion. Coarse frequency control is by way of a rotary-switch spanning four decades and a calibrated tuning dial provides for fine frequency setting. Output level is continuously variable up to a maximum of 2V r.m.s. under open circuit conditions. An audible signal from the built-in speaker can be selected by depressing a front-panel membrane switch. A similar switch enables selection of sinusoidal or square waveform, the status indicated by LEDs.


• 10Hz to 110kHz in four decade ranges selected by rotary switch

• Sine or square waveform selected by push switch with LED indication

• Sine wave distortion 0.5% typical

• Square wave rise time better than 0.25μs

• Output 0-2V rms (5.6V peak to peak) open circuit

• Continuously variable, uncalibrated amplitude control

• Built-in speaker: switch-selected with LED indicator

• Floating output: with separate Earth terminal

• Mains switch: rocker switch with indicator light

Width: 175mm

Diameter: 190mm

Height: 298mm

Mass: 3.1kg

Please be aware that this instrument is suitable for signal investigations, however, it is not suitable for driving a loudspeaker or vibration generator. If you require an instrument for that purpose please refer to our Power Signal Generator (item code F4R01309)

This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

GBP180 ex VAT
In stock

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