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Harris Standard Spectrometer Vernier

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Product Description

An economically priced, high-quality, precision manufactured instrument capable of quantitative work. The main structural parts including the collimator and telescope bodies are manufactured from heavy castings for durability and precision. This lab-quality spectrometer offers excellent quality at a price that every classroom can afford.

• Scale: 170mm diameter, 0 to 360°; x 1°;, capable of independent rotation, with locking screw. A spring-loaded Vernier scale (attached to the telescope mount) provides readings to 0.1°; (6 minutes of arc).

• The collimator is mounted on a fixed pillar and consists of an adjustable 6mm long slit on one end, with an achromatic converging lens (focal length 150mm) on the other.

• The prism table is mounted on a 175mm diameter circular degree scale, and is provided with three levelling screws and has lines marked to assist with precise placement of prism.

• The astronomical type telescope consists of an achromatic objective (focal length 170mm) at one end, and a Ramsden’s eyepiece with cross wires. It is mounted on a moveable pillar complete with adjustment, locking screw, and axis adjustment.

Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.2 x 11 inches. Weight: 4.9kg.

Standard Accessories: 1 prism clamp for prisms up to 40mm high, 1 diffraction grating holder aperture 25 x 25mm, 1 small screwdriver and 1 tommy bar for axis adjustment. Spectrometer is supplied in a durable thermocole box and includes working instructions.

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