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Electro Fashion E-Textiles Kit Class Pack

£42.99ex VAT
Code: B8R05753
Unit: Pack of ten

Product Description

Introduce lighting effects to textiles designs with this kit and demonstrate electricity in a fun and creative way. Soldering is not required, instead conductive thread is used to connect the battery and LEDs.

Each kit includes:

2m of conductive thread (which is a thread that can be used like cotton thread but conducts electricity like a wire)

Our own custom designed Sewable Coin Cell Holder

One coin 3V cell battery

Two ultra slim, pre-mounted, easy sew E-Textile LEDs.

Please note that the product is not washable/dry cleanable and can be used on textile applications which are ornamental, not intended to be washed/dry cleaned or alternatively use on removable textile appliques for garments/soft furnishings/fashion accessories.

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